Reasons Why You Should Stop Going to Massage Spa?

It is always beneficial for you to get a massage. The people use to visit the massage spa now and then to get massage therapy and feel relaxed. The massage therapy can alleviate the tension and muscular pain and give you a healthier body once again. It can be the main reason for going to a massage spa. I am not for going to the spa for this reason now. It may be strange for you, but there can be a few reasons to support my viewpoint. Let’s start discussing them one followed by the other.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Going to Massage Spa?

Not Good for the People Having Allergy

When you go to a massage spa, you will lie on the table, and the therapist will start applying different oils to your skin. If you are using perfume, the oil will react with the fragrance, and that can be allergic for your skin. If you are going to a spa for a massage session, you must be careful about not using the perfume. It becomes burdensome sometimes because every time you can’t care about that.

Weight is a Problem

If you are slim and smart, the massage therapist will provide you with the required hand-massage. The people having so much weight can get only a mild massage. They can’t insist the masseuse exert more and more pressure to provide you with the desired massage to a particular area of your body. So, healthier clients do not get satisfied with the massage. Let me set an example here. The massage table can carry a weight up to 600 lbs. If your weight is 450 lbs, it means the masseuse can exert a pressure up to 200 lbs only. Not more than that.

Massage Chair at Home

An unyielding reason for not going to the massage spa now is the availability of best massage chair at home. You can get your desired massage chair with the required functions. It can provide you with the same type of massage at home any time when you wish. It does not require having an appointment beforehand. You can play music while sitting in a massage chair. It provides you with the mild as well as the hard massage accordingly. You can set its features for a full body massage or the massage of a particular area of your body. You do not need to drive for miles to go to the spa now. Just go to your room and sit in the massage chair and that’s all.

Going to Massage Spa is Costly

It becomes burdensome on your pocket to go to massage spa only once a month and spend around $100 for one session. It does not satisfy you at all. It is too costly, and that cannot be affordable for any person.

So, the final verdict is that you should stop going to massage spa and use its alternative i.e. massage chair. You do not need to get half-naked in front of others to get the massage. You do not need to bear a talkative masseuse if you remain silent mostly. Even you do not need to tolerate the undesired music played in the spa. Get your desired massage chair and turn your life into heaven.


The spine gives support and flexibility to the trunk and is responsible for protecting our central nervous system whose function is to transmit information about movement, fatigue, pain and sleep throughout the body. When we spend a lot of time sitting (especially at work), when we use the computer for a long time, when we have bad posture habits or a sedentary lifestyle, it is common to cause discomfort in the back.

One thing to keep in mind, is that bed rest is not recommended, although many times think otherwise, but you have to stay active.Although each case is particular, it is important to always follow the instructions of the doctor or physiotherapist.


Here we share some exercises to relieve back pain, which are simple to perform and usually give enough relief.

Exercise is important in preventing future back pain. Throughout the exercise you can:

  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen the back and improve flexibility
  • Lose Weight
  • Avoid falls
  • It is also healthy and advisable to add other activities to your routine, perform exercises that generate aerobic activity, such as walking, swimming and cycling, as well as stretching.

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Some measures you can take into account to prevent back pain:

  • Avoid standing for long periods. If you should stand up for your work, try to use a bench and alternate the rest of each foot on it.
  • Do not wear high heels. Wear padded soles when walking.
  • When sitting down to work, especially if you use a computer, make sure your chair has a straight
  • backrest with an adjustable seat and back, armrests, and a swivel seat.
  • Use a stool under your feet while sitting so your knees are level higher than your hips.
  • Put a small pillow or rolled towel behind your lower back when sitting or driving for extended periods.
  • If you are going to drive long distances, stop and walk a little approximately every hour. Bring the
  • seat forward as far as you can to avoid crouching.
  • Do not lift heavy objects just after a trip.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Do exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles on a regular basis. This will strengthen the
  • corpuscles to decrease the risk of additional injuries.

In Small Steps to the Big Order – Real Estate Acquisition at Private Sellers

In order to win new customers, it can be sensible for real estate agents to offer a limited service at a reasonable price. This creates a first link to the seller, which is often the basis for the sales order.

Real Estate
Credit: Flickr

A strategy is to search the local newspapers and real estate portals for private offers and then contact the advertisers and try to place a sales order to the broker. While this strategy is sometimes successful, the quota is usually low.

To change this, it may be useful to initially offer a highly restricted service at a low price. How this approach works in practice and why it is successful in many cases is presented in this article.

The problems with the acquisition of privately offered real estate

Before this strategy of customer acquisition is presented, it is sensible to first deal with the problems of the previous approach. The high competition situation plays an important role here. For when a private person offers their house or their flat, usually several brokers contact her to take the order. In metropolitan regions, 30 brokers and more often call on the day of the publication of the real estate advertisement alone.

Therefore, it is always necessary to find a means to stand out from the competition. This can, for example, lie in the promise of a particularly high selling price. Also a particularly competent impression during the consultation can be very helpful.

Nevertheless, the possibility of creating an individual feature in this field, which is a sufficient incentive for the private seller to award the contract, are severely restricted.

A second problem is that it is necessary to dissuade vendors from their previous plans to sell the property itself. When a private individual advertises their own house, this means that they assume that they can fulfill this task without problems and do not need any help from a broker.

The aim is to save the commission fee in this way. If a broker wants to sell the property, he has to make sure that the seller abandons this plan and does exactly the opposite of what he originally planned. However, if he offers the customer only a small and cost-effective help, they have to adjust their actual goals only slightly.

The inhibitions for this are often much lower, so the acquisition is easier.

The method

The basic idea of ​​this method is to offer the sellers a small and cost-effective service in order to achieve a first customer relationship. However, the exact details of this service package are left to the broker himself. It is useful, for example, to offer help with the preparation of the advertisements. The broker provides promotional texts and professional photographs of the property and also presents the customer with several options for publishing them.

In addition, it is possible to send these ads directly to the various portals. The high prices for individual advertisements on the real estate portals frighten many sellers, so they first advertise on free portals like eBay classified ads. According to experience, the resonance of private interests is rather small. The broker, on the other hand, can publish the property on the large real estate portals within the scope of his quota. This advantage is quickly apparent to any retailer.

The broker will assist the vendor with his expert knowledge and advise him which details are important for the advertisement and which methods are most effective for publication. In addition, it can be useful to offer the property also on its own website. It goes without saying that this is a private sale.

Many private sellers are very grateful for this little help. It is often difficult to create an ad-effective ad, which is why they are willing to give up this task. On the other hand, the broker can carry out this service within a very short time due to his expert knowledge. Therefore, it is possible to offer them at a very reasonable price.

The benefits of support from a broker reduce the barriers to customers, so they often deviate from their original plan and at the very least use the assistance of a broker to a limited extent.

Of course, you can offer the seller the small service package only when he wants you with your “I search on behalf of customers xy” flash on the phone. In this way, you can try to get an order directly and if this should not work, the order can still be saved.

The advantages of this type of real estate acquisition

The first step in offering customers a small service package at a low price brings additional advantages. Although the profit in this way is very small for each individual customer, this method can nevertheless be expected due to the comparatively high probability of receiving this order.

Another important point is that it is possible to name the broker’s office in the advertisements. The broker can, for example, add after the actual text that it is a private sale with the support of his office. This can arouse interest among other sellers or buyers. You can also hire some real estate agent, I remember that I used a well know real estate agent that is rated #1 in liberty hill real estate.

The most important point, however, is that there is an intensive relationship with the seller. In this way, he gets to know the workings of the broker, and he also makes regular contact. While without such a relationship most vendors quickly abandon unsolicited calls from a broker, this method provides the opportunity to develop a trust relationship.

If the seller later comes to the conclusion that the sale of his property overbids him, you are, of course, the first contact person.

Therefore, this method ensures that in many cases a lucrative follow-up order is produced. For many sellers, the decision to sell the property through a broker will mature after some time after their own efforts do not succeed.

Therefore, it is very difficult to get an order if you are already trying to get the customer to change his plans after the first advertisement. However, if you use this first contact to make a first relationship, you are almost always the first contact person at the appropriate moment. This change of meaning is used by many sellers altogether, if after the first advertisements no suitable buyer is found. For the broker, this means that he can sit back after selling the service package to wait for the client’s order 🙂

Did you already gain experience with this strategy when acquiring real estate? In the comment area, I am pleased to receive a feedback in order to see the results of this form of acquisition in practice.

Best Massage Table Sheets 2017

It is important to consider your issues before choosing massage table sheets. These factors include ease of care, comfort, flexibility and the type of atmosphere. These sheets come in multiple options that are from cotton to fleece and even the disposable sheets. As a professional massager, it is important that you provide a sanitary surface to your clients. You can also go for the disposable sheets that are cheap and also perfect for those therapists who have to deal with multiple clients throughout the day. Moreover, the sheet must also be waterproof because any spills can reach the original surface of the massage table, and you wouldn’t destroy your property.

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Apparently it may seem that choosing a massage table sheet can be as simple as choosing a sheet for you twin size bed, but it is quite different. You have to think beyond all possible circumstances that may arise. You can go for the cotton sheets that are perfect during the summer season. If you wish to provide extra comfort and warmth, you can opt in for the flannel that maintains the room’s thermostat within a comfortable range, and you can easily give him massage without any worries. There are some advanced massage sheets that feature a fitted heated sheet helping to decrease the chill of the table and give a cozy experience.

Many massagers ask about the difference between a special and ordinary massage table sheets. The special massage tables sheets come with a headrest cover are elastic and have a crescent shape that can easily fit on any massage table. Moreover, such sheets are moisture and bacterial proof. It is quite common that some customers have a skin infection or are sweaty. So the sheets must be able to prevent the bacteria and moisture. The foil sheets are commonly used with spa treatment massages, and they help a lot in maintaining the body heat.

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How to choose the best massage table sheet?

Well, after our discussion and some different types of sheets like the foil, disposable, flannel, special, etc. you might be confused with making a decision. No Worries! Have a look at these 3 of the best massage table sheets that have been sorted with proper consideration based on features.

1) Pro Premium Flannel Sheet

For Pro Premium Flannel Sheet 3 Piece Set, Sage

The Pro Premium Flannel Sheet is a three piece set in sage color. It has a large size that easily fits on the standard massage tables. It measures 63 inches x 100 inches and is made of 100% cotton. It is also durable for commercial use and can last longer than the normal sheets.

These decent fabrics not only offer quality but a comfortable experience for you and your customers making both of you happy. They are so much soft, that the client will instantly feel relieve when he lies down. Check more details about Pro Premium Flannel Sheet at Amazon.

2) Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage Table Sheet

Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set (Color is White)

The Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage Table Sheet is also a three piece set and comes in the white color that is easily washable. The fabric is resistant to bacteria and moisture. Moreover, in case of any stains you can give a wash with warm water to get a new look. It is an extra-large sheet that measures 61 inches x 91 inches and can even the large customers will remain covered.

The thread count is 170 and softness level is 45/55 poly/cotton blend. Check more details at Amazon.

3) Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set

Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set- NATURAL

Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set has a natural white color. It has a dual brushed flannel coat that makes it soft and comfortable.

Made of 100% pure and imported cotton. Check more details at Amazon.

Best Electric Massage Tables [2017]

A message therapist is always in seek of high-tech and comfortable massage table. He is keen to provide a better and much cozy experience to his clients. No matter if you have the latest massage tables, and you have paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but there is innovation that is quite popular nowadays. And, the day is not far when this technology would obsolete the manual massage tables. You might have heard of the Electric Massage Tables, and owning this thing can be advantageous for you. It offers a great stability, easier operation and amazing adjustments with the higher level of comfort both for you and your client.

It offers great stability and is worth your investment. Electric massage tables might have a higher price tag, but the immense benefits and outstanding features will force you to have this type of massage table at your therapy center. They have a wide availability and come in multiple styles, models, and colors. You may start to hate your traditional tables. The most important feature of electrical massage table is its stability. Some new clients may feel anxious and unsupported by the traditional structures. However, the electrical tables are made from metal and are also supported on pedestals. In this way, your clients can easily manage themselves while climbing on or off the table.

Moreover, your traditional massage tables make use of screws that fit in the legs to adjust height. If you haven’t adjusted the height, you may have to request your client to climb off, and he would rather find it annoying. However, the electrical massage tables have overcome this inconvenience as well. Now you can adjust the height simply with a push of a button. Though these electrical massage tables are stationary, but they are light in weight, easily portable and perfect for professional massage therapists. Furthermore, they also have the capability of tilting, vibrations, face cradles, etc. and much more. All of such made to enhance the user experience and level of comfort.

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If you are impressed and keen to have an advanced electrical massage table for your regular clients, then here are some of the best of them.

1) Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table

Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table

The Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table comes in 3 different sizes and over 15 unique colors to choose from. This table has been officially recognized by ADA. It has rounded corners that make it injury free and also comfortable. The cushioning is equipped with 3 inches of Pro-Plus cushion that makes it cozy and much more comfortable than ever.

This electric massage table is capable of withstanding a weight of 600lbs. The frame is constructed using durable steel. The wheel underneath the frame gives an easy movement. Check more details at Amazon.

2) Electric Lift Massage Table by Spa Luxe

Electric Lift Massage Table with Headrest and Arm Shelf (BEIGE)

The Electric Lift Massage Table by Spa Luxe features a headrest and arms shelf. Both of these are easily adjustable. The padded foam is 3 inches high and is multi-layered for a soft and comfortable experience.

Moreover, there is easy to use the foot pedal, while the entire table is mounted on a durable steel frame. Underneath are the smooth and frictionless wheel for movement around the room. You can adjust the height with electrical mechanism from 17 inches and till 39 inches. Check more details at Amazon.

3) Earthlite Everest Tilt Electric Lift Massage Table

Earthlite Everest Tilt Electric Lift Massage Table has an advanced technology with a sleek design. It has a steel frame and weight bearing capacity of 650 pounds. The foot pedal is easy to use.

The top cushion is very comfortable and is multi-layer with Natural soft vinyl upholstery. Check more details at Amazon.

Installing a BlackBerry Theme Guide

Installing a Blackberry Theme OTA – (Over-the-Air)

1. Copy the download link from Gemblock and forward it to an email address that is accessible for your BlackBerry. Send-to-Device is a quick and free online service by Gemblock that lets you do that.
Navigate to the email on your BlackBerry and click the link in the email to begin the installation process.

2. Once the theme is installed, press ALT + CAP + DEL keys simultaneously to reboot device. Or battery pull if on BlackBerry Storm.

3. Go to Options > Theme on your Blackberry to activate the theme.

Enjoy and show it off to your friends!

If you’re still having trouble, visit our forum for support.

Installing a BlackBerry Theme via Desktop Manager

Since Gemblock doesn’t provide direct Desktop Manager links, this process is trickier than an OTA installation, but is still possible.

1. Install OTA Downloader

2. Download the theme and stick the files onto the media card.

NOTE: If you want to put the download in the device memory instead of a media card, you will need to have the desktop manager installed. When your desktop manager is booted you can go to the “media manager” and browse to the device memory under “my devices”  make sure that the system is set to allow all files to be imported in the device memory.


3. Once you have uploaded all COD and JAD files you can disconnect the blackberry from the computer.

4. Now open the media application on the BlackBerry, and press the left button next to the trackball to open the full menu.  Here you will need to click “explore”.  Now browse to the location where your OTA download is installed.

5. Once you’ve located the jad and cod files, select the JAD file (it should be only 1 file) and click “open”.  Now you will see the details about this file on your blackberry such as name, version and vendor. Here you will need to select the “download” button on the bottom of the screen.

Once the application is downloaded you will be able to install or use the application.

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