Instagram: how to post, reset or delete a photo

You are new on Instagram and would like to know how to post, reset or delete a photo? As you will see, the application Instagram for iOS and Android proves, in use, the most intuitive!

Post, reset or delete a photo Instagram

Post, repost and delete are three extremely common actions on a social network such as Instagram. These operations are extremely simple to perform … except for the repost which has always been a feature that is astonishingly absent. We go for this last action opt for a free iPhone and Android application: Repost for Instagram.

Post a photo

– Open the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

– In the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen is a camera icon: Touch this icon.

– There are three tabs at the bottom: you can either take a photo of your library, take a new picture or take a new video.

– If you take a new photo, the application will allow you to choose a filter – when done, tap Next at the top right.

– It is then suggested to you to add a message with possibly hashtag well felt – Tap Publish to post your message!

And then, you made your first post on Instagram … so be careful because it quickly becomes very addictive! To the point that you will probably want to replace the default photo shoot application of your smartphone.

In case you’ve blocked someone and don’t remember his/her name and want to unblock it, here is a great guide to unblock blocked users in a blink of an eye how to unblock someone on instagram 2017.

Delete a photo

– In Instagram, touch the icon on the rightmost bottom bar.

– Select the photo you want to delete and touch it.

– Touch the … at the top right of the photo.

– Touch Delete.

Like all that the Instagram application allows, removing photos is rather intuitive. The only hitch is that a feature that is common is missing from Instagram (while it is present on Twitter and Facebook): the possibility to repose on his account a photo of another user! But there is a solution …

Repost a photo

– In the App Store or the Google Play Store, download the free Repost for Instagram application.

– When you first launch the application, tap Log In with Instagram.

– Enter your credentials.

– Touch Authorize.

– Choose a photo that you like particularly and touch it.

– Now touch the large blue Repost button.

– And thanks to Repost for Instagram you have rested a content that you particularly liked!

Download App here: iOS | Android.

Installing a BlackBerry Theme Guide

Installing a Blackberry Theme OTA – (Over-the-Air)

1. Copy the download link from Gemblock and forward it to an email address that is accessible for your BlackBerry. Send-to-Device is a quick and free online service by Gemblock that lets you do that.
Navigate to the email on your BlackBerry and click the link in the email to begin the installation process.

2. Once the theme is installed, press ALT + CAP + DEL keys simultaneously to reboot device. Or battery pull if on BlackBerry Storm.

3. Go to Options > Theme on your Blackberry to activate the theme.

Enjoy and show it off to your friends!

If you’re still having trouble, visit our forum for support.

Installing a BlackBerry Theme via Desktop Manager

Since Gemblock doesn’t provide direct Desktop Manager links, this process is trickier than an OTA installation, but is still possible.

1. Install OTA Downloader

2. Download the theme and stick the files onto the media card.

NOTE: If you want to put the download in the device memory instead of a media card, you will need to have the desktop manager installed. When your desktop manager is booted you can go to the “media manager” and browse to the device memory under “my devices”  make sure that the system is set to allow all files to be imported in the device memory.


3. Once you have uploaded all COD and JAD files you can disconnect the blackberry from the computer.

4. Now open the media application on the BlackBerry, and press the left button next to the trackball to open the full menu.  Here you will need to click “explore”.  Now browse to the location where your OTA download is installed.

5. Once you’ve located the jad and cod files, select the JAD file (it should be only 1 file) and click “open”.  Now you will see the details about this file on your blackberry such as name, version and vendor. Here you will need to select the “download” button on the bottom of the screen.

Once the application is downloaded you will be able to install or use the application.

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