Best Massage Table Sheets 2017

It is important to consider your issues before choosing massage table sheets. These factors include ease of care, comfort, flexibility and the type of atmosphere. These sheets come in multiple options that are from cotton to fleece and even the disposable sheets. As a professional massager, it is important that you provide a sanitary surface to your clients. You can also go for the disposable sheets that are cheap and also perfect for those therapists who have to deal with multiple clients throughout the day. Moreover, the sheet must also be waterproof because any spills can reach the original surface of the massage table, and you wouldn’t destroy your property.

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Apparently it may seem that choosing a massage table sheet can be as simple as choosing a sheet for you twin size bed, but it is quite different. You have to think beyond all possible circumstances that may arise. You can go for the cotton sheets that are perfect during the summer season. If you wish to provide extra comfort and warmth, you can opt in for the flannel that maintains the room’s thermostat within a comfortable range, and you can easily give him massage without any worries. There are some advanced massage sheets that feature a fitted heated sheet helping to decrease the chill of the table and give a cozy experience.

Many massagers ask about the difference between a special and ordinary massage table sheets. The special massage tables sheets come with a headrest cover are elastic and have a crescent shape that can easily fit on any massage table. Moreover, such sheets are moisture and bacterial proof. It is quite common that some customers have a skin infection or are sweaty. So the sheets must be able to prevent the bacteria and moisture. The foil sheets are commonly used with spa treatment massages, and they help a lot in maintaining the body heat.

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How to choose the best massage table sheet?

Well, after our discussion and some different types of sheets like the foil, disposable, flannel, special, etc. you might be confused with making a decision. No Worries! Have a look at these 3 of the best massage table sheets that have been sorted with proper consideration based on features.

1) Pro Premium Flannel Sheet

For Pro Premium Flannel Sheet 3 Piece Set, Sage

The Pro Premium Flannel Sheet is a three piece set in sage color. It has a large size that easily fits on the standard massage tables. It measures 63 inches x 100 inches and is made of 100% cotton. It is also durable for commercial use and can last longer than the normal sheets.

These decent fabrics not only offer quality but a comfortable experience for you and your customers making both of you happy. They are so much soft, that the client will instantly feel relieve when he lies down. Check more details about Pro Premium Flannel Sheet at Amazon.

2) Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage Table Sheet

Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set (Color is White)

The Deluxe Poly Cotton Massage Table Sheet is also a three piece set and comes in the white color that is easily washable. The fabric is resistant to bacteria and moisture. Moreover, in case of any stains you can give a wash with warm water to get a new look. It is an extra-large sheet that measures 61 inches x 91 inches and can even the large customers will remain covered.

The thread count is 170 and softness level is 45/55 poly/cotton blend. Check more details at Amazon.

3) Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set

Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set- NATURAL

Deluxe Flannel Massage 3 Piece Sheet Set has a natural white color. It has a dual brushed flannel coat that makes it soft and comfortable.

Made of 100% pure and imported cotton. Check more details at Amazon.

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