Best Electric Massage Tables [2017]

A message therapist is always in seek of high-tech and comfortable massage table. He is keen to provide a better and much cozy experience to his clients. No matter if you have the latest massage tables, and you have paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but there is innovation that is quite popular nowadays. And, the day is not far when this technology would obsolete the manual massage tables. You might have heard of the Electric Massage Tables, and owning this thing can be advantageous for you. It offers a great stability, easier operation and amazing adjustments with the higher level of comfort both for you and your client.

It offers great stability and is worth your investment. Electric massage tables might have a higher price tag, but the immense benefits and outstanding features will force you to have this type of massage table at your therapy center. They have a wide availability and come in multiple styles, models, and colors. You may start to hate your traditional tables. The most important feature of electrical massage table is its stability. Some new clients may feel anxious and unsupported by the traditional structures. However, the electrical tables are made from metal and are also supported on pedestals. In this way, your clients can easily manage themselves while climbing on or off the table.

Moreover, your traditional massage tables make use of screws that fit in the legs to adjust height. If you haven’t adjusted the height, you may have to request your client to climb off, and he would rather find it annoying. However, the electrical massage tables have overcome this inconvenience as well. Now you can adjust the height simply with a push of a button. Though these electrical massage tables are stationary, but they are light in weight, easily portable and perfect for professional massage therapists. Furthermore, they also have the capability of tilting, vibrations, face cradles, etc. and much more. All of such made to enhance the user experience and level of comfort.

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If you are impressed and keen to have an advanced electrical massage table for your regular clients, then here are some of the best of them.

1) Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table

Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table

The Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table comes in 3 different sizes and over 15 unique colors to choose from. This table has been officially recognized by ADA. It has rounded corners that make it injury free and also comfortable. The cushioning is equipped with 3 inches of Pro-Plus cushion that makes it cozy and much more comfortable than ever.

This electric massage table is capable of withstanding a weight of 600lbs. The frame is constructed using durable steel. The wheel underneath the frame gives an easy movement. Check more details at Amazon.

2) Electric Lift Massage Table by Spa Luxe

Electric Lift Massage Table with Headrest and Arm Shelf (BEIGE)

The Electric Lift Massage Table by Spa Luxe features a headrest and arms shelf. Both of these are easily adjustable. The padded foam is 3 inches high and is multi-layered for a soft and comfortable experience.

Moreover, there is easy to use the foot pedal, while the entire table is mounted on a durable steel frame. Underneath are the smooth and frictionless wheel for movement around the room. You can adjust the height with electrical mechanism from 17 inches and till 39 inches. Check more details at Amazon.

3) Earthlite Everest Tilt Electric Lift Massage Table

Earthlite Everest Tilt Electric Lift Massage Table has an advanced technology with a sleek design. It has a steel frame and weight bearing capacity of 650 pounds. The foot pedal is easy to use.

The top cushion is very comfortable and is multi-layer with Natural soft vinyl upholstery. Check more details at Amazon.

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